Lee DeWyze, whose mother’s name is Donahue, has made it to the final three on "American Idol."

It has only come to our attention recently that DeWyze is Irish, and now that we look at him, it makes perfect sense.

DeWyze is a hot contender to win this year’s "American Idol," and he has only two more shows to go before he finds out.

On Tuesday night, DeWyze performed with Crystal Bowersocks (another hot favorite) to sing the song "Falling Slowly" from the Irish move "Once."

It was probably the best performance of the season.

It gave everyone the chills - in a good way- including all four "Idol" judges.
DeWyze's uncle is very proud of his nephew.

Tom Donahue, 63, watches "American Idol" every week without fail and calls DeWyze at least once a week to offer his support.

“He told me at Christmas time ‘I’m just doing it for fun.’ And then he went to Hollywood and he took off from there," said Donahue.

Simon Cowell has been a big fan of Dewyze for the past couple of weeks.

It was DeWyze's rendition of "Treat Her Like a Lady" that turned the tables for the Mount Prospect, Illinois lad. Said Cowell, “I want you tonight to go home, watch the show back, and understand this is the night that your life may have changed forever.”
Donahue said he first noticed his nephew’s talent five years ago when they performed “Silent Night” together at a Christmas concert.

DeWyze sang the melody while Donahue provided the harmony.

“His voice had a really nice quality about it and I thought ‘He could do something with that.’”

Although DeWyze is a singer and has recorded two albums, he has been down on his luck lately and has been working in a paint store.

Donahue can't believe how far his nephew has come.

“I thought he had a chance. I thought he would make the top 24 honestly which is saying something because a lot of people audition”

“He’s doing very well. He seems like he’s staying pretty grounded. He just can’t believe what’s happening.”

Donahue said DeWyze's face is everywhere in their town.

Signs asking people to vote for DeWzye are plastered on every corner.

And next week DeWyze will get to see all the signs for himself.

The final three contestants, Casey James, Crystal Bowersocks and DeWyze, all get to go home and visit their towns.

It's usually a very moving experience.