On Sunday evening Boston comedian Rob Delaney was dubbed the “Funniest Person on Twitter” at Comedy Central’s Awards.

The Irish American comedian, who currently has 396,571 followers, received the viewer’s choice award ahead of Steve Martin, Aziz Ansari and Stephen Colbert. Delaney has become a household name on Twitter.

Speaking to Mashable Delaney insists that the key to being funny on Twitter is not thinking about it too much.

He said “Don’t work too hard on a tweet…When you see people trying to, for example, synthesize two current news stories into one ‘clever’ tweet, it can get pretty clunky and their labor is obvious, rendering their tweet unfunny.”

Speaking to Huffington Post, Delaney said he had not considered using Twitter until he heard Irish Mexican comedian Louis CK say that he was considering it.

He said “I heard about it on the news or something, and it sounded very unappealing…I was on Facebook, and Louis CK said that he'd joined Twitter, and I thought, 'Well he usually does things that I think are funny and intelligent. I should check it out.'"

The “Funniest Person on Twitter” was included in the digital categories alongside “Best Remix, Mash-Up or Supercut,” “Best Comedy App,” “Best Comedy Podcast”, and “Best Viral Original.”

Social media and an online presence has become an important tool for comedians, for marketing and experimenting with content.

Here are some of his top tweets:

“The story of the Titanic speaks to me because I once tipped over a bag of ice at a party & then killed over 1,500 people”

“Have you ever cut open a pepper & found a little baby pepper inside it & then gotten sad & missed your mom?”

“You’ve really got to hand it to short people. Because they often can’t reach it.”


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