Top Irish actress Saoirse Ronan (20) has slammed reality star Kim Kardashian for her naked cover photo in Paper Magazine.

The former Oscar nominee revealed she was disgusted and sickened by the image.

“I saw a magazine cover of someone,” she told Ryan Tubridy on Ireland’s “The Late Late Show.”

“I am sure you will all know who she is. She is a TV personality, and the cover was disgusting.

“She was naked. And it was not in a kind-of beautiful, kind-of artistic way. It was disgusting," she added.

She said covers like the Kardashian one reinforced her belief children were being exposed to sexuality at a much earlier age

“The personalities that we see, the celebrities we see, actors, musicians – they are very sexualized,” she said.

“I think if kids are seeing that from an early age on billboards and in magazines and on the TV and in music videos, and it is not done in a sort-of artistic way, then that pressure is put on the kids straight away and that’s our fault for letting that happen.

“The pressure on children now to be sexualized from an early age is so intense, it pushes children to such a boundary, it pushes them to lash out at other children.

“I’ve seen it with relatives of mine. From what I’ve seen, I think there are lots of chats that kids have online.

“The media puts an awful lot of pressure on kids. Some kids are putting a lot of pressure on losing their virginity really young,” she added.

The 20-year-old Irish star, born in New York, shot to stardom at the young age of seven with her Oscar-nominated turn in “Attonement” as Briony Tallis, a little girl who unwittingly wreaks personal havoc for her older sister and her love when she misinterprets a moment between them. Ronan recently finished shooting the film adaptation of Irish author Colm Toibin’s “Brooklyn.”