Irish actress Laura O'Toole has cast a spell on Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe, who was just 17 when he met the Dublin actress, says O'Toole's his girl.

The couple met when they were cast together in the steamy London play, Equus.

Radcliffe was playing the male lead while O'Toole was an understudy for the female lead, Jill

Potter fans were outraged when Radcliffe's character engaged in a lengthy naked scene with Jill, who was played by Joanna Christie.

Radcliffe and O'Toole wound up on stage together just once as the play's management decided to give O'Toole a shot on a single matinee performance.

The couple said they grew "very close" during the show's run in London's West End.

Just recently, Radcliffe, who is worth a whopping $32m, celebrated his 20th birthday with the 24-year-old O'Toole.

Talking to OK! magazine in Britain last week Radcliffe confirmed rumors that O'Toole and he are an item.

"My girlfriend is Laura O'Toole, she was in Equus with me. But I don't really want to talk about that, because she's not here and it's not fair," the chivalrous star said.