Irish actor Jack Gleeson has made a name for himself starring in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones as the adolescent yet cankerous King Joffrey. His brutality has shocked viewers over the first two seasons and Gleeson admits we may be seeing an even meaner side in the upcoming season. 

"I think he’s as evil as he ever was but he’s channeling it through a different means." Gleeson explained during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"There’s a different dynamic; he’s trying to impress Margaery with his evil deeds and he still rebelling against his mother. There are some disaster dates. I think he’s a bit unlucky in love."

Game of Thrones has garnished a cult following after the first few seasons and some are wondering if Gleeson is troubled with defending his own self from backlash from his characters cruel ways.  Even his Game of Thrones co-star Sophia Turner admitted to Digital Spy that some fans ask, “When will Joffrey die?”

But Gleeson explains his fans have been able to distinguish him from King Joffrey and have been nothing but supportive. 

"Nobody’s ever said a mean thing to me. Instead people say, ’Are you okay? I hear you get bullied on the street.’ And I say, ‘No! Everybody’s been really nice.’"

Fans will be back watching King Joffrey and the rest of the gang on Monday, April 1st for the much anticipated season 3 premiere. 

Here’s the trailer for series three:

Irish actor Jack Gleeson plays King Joffrey in HBO's "Game of Thrones"HBO