Reports in Dublin claim Irish actor Colin Farrell is trying to help ‘Two And A Half Men’ star Charlie Sheen sort out his troubled life.

Friends of former Hollywood hell-raiser Farrell have told the Sunday Independent how the reformed bad boy has made saving Sheen his personal mission.

Farrell, currently preparing for the remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'Total Recall' and reported to be dating singer Rihanna, is said to have called to Sheen’s home and spent the day talking through the actor’s well-publicized problems.

A close friend of Farrell’s told the Sunday Independent: “Colin called up to Charlie’s house unannounced and said he wanted to help him. It came out of the blue.

“He’s really worried about him. He can see what is happening to him so clearly because of the problems Colin went through himself.

“He knows that it’s a slippery slope and it’s a very hard place to get out of if you don’t have the right people around.

“Colin feels a responsibility since he got his life back on track to make a difference and to help someone else.

“He has a good heart and seeing Charlie’s decline so publicly on TV every day is really getting to him. It sickens him how people are getting entertainment out of it. He knows that Charlie needs help, and fast.

“Colin has been to that dark place himself and he knew the last thing someone would do when they have a serious addiction is actively ask for help. It was never going to happen.

“So he went over and they spent a day together and Charlie was surprisingly open to Colin’s advice. Col just spent the day making them coffee and chatting things over.

“He went through everything he has been through and tried to get the message across that there is another way of living your life; that it doesn’t have to be like that.”

Now sober, the 34-year-old Farrell has offered to help Sheen find the help he needs after his very public sacking from the hit 'Two And A Half Men' show.

The Sunday Independent source added: “Colin has been clean for so long now he is the perfect example to Charlie of how you can completely turn your life around.

“He has no intention of giving up on him yet and he is offering ongoing support, telling him the names and places of professionals that have helped him.

“He knows Charlie is not going to realize it over night, but he thinks he can get him there in the long run. Getting him to admit he has a problem and go to rehab will be the very first step and Colin isn’t going to rest until he sets Charlie on the road to recovery.

“He knows too though that Charlie has to want to help himself.”