Oscar-nominated actress Chloe Sevigny is playing an Irish transgender contract killer in her latest role for the “Hit and Miss” miniseries.

"This fell into my lap," the actress told TV Guide. "And it's such a juicy part."

Sevigny, (37) who got an Oscar nod for her performance in “Boys Don't Cry” said learning the Irish accent was more difficult than wearing a prosthetic penis.

“Learning the accent was harder, with more work, time-wise. Wearing the penis was harder emotionally,” she told TV Guide.

But the Golden Globe winner did admit transforming into a male was not an easy task.

“Putting it on [prosthetic penis] took two hours. I shaved myself and they had to glue it on, paint it and pull away the skin to make it seamless. It's a tedious process, and it's hard having someone so close to your private parts for an extended period of time who you're not having sex with. And having it on and looking at yourself is oddly disturbing.

“I felt like a freak. A lot of transgender people feel like this shouldn't be part of their body, and so I guess it was a good thing. I reacted the way my character would.”

The violent nature of the miniseries was hard to deal with, the American actor admitted.

“I hate handguns — they make me really nervous — and I had to learn to shoot it without flinching and jumping. I wanted it to look convincing! And there's one scene where I kill someone by putting a bag over his head. He had to struggle underneath it, and afterward I felt a bit sick to my stomach.”

The six episode miniseries is premieres Wednesday at 10in ET on Direct TV's Audience Network.

Chloë Sevigny as Irish assassin, Mia, in "Hit and Miss"Google Images