Ireland’s most famous stage director Michael Colgan of the Gate Theater has snubbed Julia Roberts. Kevin Costner and Robert Redford saying he has no interest in casting them in plays because they lack the stage talent and background.

Colgan, who regularly flies in top acting names to star in his productions, says some big Hollywood names have no interest for him.

“No disrespect for her, but we wouldn’t want Julia Roberts in a play and we wouldn’t want Kevin Costner, can you imagine?

Colgan says he is targeting real actors such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Meryl Streep and Ralph Fiennes for his productions.

“ The people I want to work with are Philip Seymour Hoffman,” he told the Irish Sunday Times. He is a theater animal—he has come out of the theater…I didn’t want to work with Robert Redford.”

Colgan says he is close to signing Ralph Fiennes to direct his first play at the Gate in the near future.