“Ireland - the Show” is an innovative and exciting new Celtic production celebrating the best of Irish heritage, artistic expression, and culture, and it’s on its way to Patchogue, New York. An amalgam of uplifting and exhilarating Irish entertainment pulses with a raw and energetic beat.

From the very beginning, the show kicks off with a whirlwind of energy as the musicians create lively tunes, inspiring and pushing the dancers to new levels of expression and transporting the audience to another time and place. Memories of a home long ago reawaken in all of us the sweet memories of sitting in the kitchen of an old Irish cottage, soaking up the atmosphere of Ireland’s rich traditions. 

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The expressive language of dance ranges from a gliding shimmer of subtle soft shoe choreography to pounding dramatic hard shoe steps, the execution of seemingly effortless high kicks married perfectly with modern polish, Irish charm and dazzling Vegas-style Celtic costumes. With a cast featuring World Champion dancers, “Ireland - the Show” has raised the bar for the next generation of Irish dance shows.

Standing uniquely apart from most shows of its genre, this stunning new production features 100 percent live music and dancing, capturing this art form at a caliber seldom experienced outside the World Championship stage. 

Executive Producer Ethan Walker says, “With the essential help and support of my team at Rapidfire International Inc. and with talent of the highest caliber performing in our productions, I am extremely honored and pleased to bring “Ireland - the Show” to the USA!”

The show will kick down in New York on on 12th February 2013, at 8pm, at the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts. For more information visit PatchogueTheatre.com.

Promotional poster for "Ireland - the show""Ireland the show"