She came, she saw and she conquered Ireland. We speak of Miley Cyrus, of course, who charmed everyone she met in Dublin last week. 

Miley played two sold-out shows at the 02 Arena, and when she wasn’t thrilling her tween fans onstage she made a point of enjoying the sights and shops of Dublin for the three days she was in the country.  She also made a few TV appearances, the most prominent of which was last Friday on the Late Late Show, which had to be pre-taped earlier in the afternoon to avoid an onslaught of Miley Mania at the usual live broadcast.

Miley, clad in black tiny shorts, gushed about her time in Ireland and how her fans were so “respectful.”   When host Ryan Tubridy asked about her Irish knowledge prior to arriving in the country for the first time, she admitted that she “didn’t know much.”

“A couple of friends were telling me it was really beautiful and hoping that the weather stayed nice,” she said. “As soon as I got that message it started to snow!”

The 17-year-old stayed at the Merrion Hotel during her stay, and shunned limos in favor of taxi cabs.  She shopped till she dropped with her brother on Grafton Street – Top Man was a favorite store, she told Tubridy – and she walked around Stephen’s Green with her camera in hand to snap photos.

Fans she met on the street, she said, couldn’t have been better.  “It’s been really nice. I’ve taken lots of pictures and signed lots of autographs, but I feel like everyone was so respectful. I got to see all that you could see in two days.”

The Irish fans, she said, were the loudest and most enthusiastic that she’d ever encountered.

“This is one of my favorite places to play,” she told Tubridy. “The crowd was amazing.”

Will she be back for more? The tour promoter can’t wait for a comeback next year since her tickets sell like hotcakes, and Miley herself is looking forward to having more free time to take in more Irish sights, she said.