Jersey Shore fever has officially spread outside the US borders all the way to Ireland! According to TV3, this fall they will be premiering a new show following "four hot West Dublin boys and four fabulous West Dublin girls” living together in Tallaght, an area in southwest Dublin, for a month.

Cameras will be there to capture every moment of working, partying, sleeping, and the day-to-day lives (and scandals!) of these eight hot, young starlets.

According to the press release, “we see how these Tallaght natives let nothing stop them from looking great at the phenomenon that is Tallafornia; the people, the places, the hairspray, the buff bodies and the golden orange skin tones.”

And what is “Tallafornia,” exactly? A knockoff of the name of the area, Tallafornication refers to “the spread and influence of Western Dublin culture, esp. that of Tallaght, across the rest of the country. Particularly focused on maintaining a certain appearance and reputation...and feelin' bleedin' massive!”

Viewers can tune in this fall to catch the scandals and stories of these exciting West Dubliners!
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