IrishCentral: Out of all the videos you guys have made which was the most fun to make?

The Rubberbandits: Definitely, "I like to shift girls". I shifted around 23 models that day and RTE had to pay for the pleasure. That song actually even started off as a dare between us, to see if we could get RTE to pay for us to shift girls.

IC: What do you like about being in New York?

TR: Running around Little Italy and recreating scenes from the film "Mean Streets" until the streetlights come on and we have to go home to bed.

IC: What’s the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

TR: A man in a weird costume once gave me a piece of wafer and told me that it was haunted by the ghost of Christ.

IC: Tell me a surprising fact about Limerick?

TR: A Limerick doctor called William Brooke O Shaughnessy introduced the therapeutic use of cannabis to western medicine. Also, Limerick was a soviet state for two weeks in 1919.

IC: Do you guys have any stalkers?

TR: Sometimes in the mornings.

IC: What’s your favorite part of a live show?

TR: When you realise that the audience have come to listen and not shout things at us.

IC: When was the last time you went to confession? How long did it take?

TR: When I was six years of age. I was too young to have done anything wrong so I had to make things up. Subjecting children to confession is an incredibly evil act that sets them up for a lifetime of internal guilt and shame. It also teaches children that they can absolve themselves of wrongdoings without actually taking responsibility for and learning from their actions.

IC: What do you dislike the most about being in America?

TR: It's very vertical.

IC: Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or none of the above?

TR: We wear jockstraps, you never know when somebody’s going to kick you in the balls.

IC: Do you have a horse outside?

TR: No we don't have a f*cking horse outside.

The Rubberbandits play at the Mercury Lounge on March 7th.

Tickets: $15 Advcance, $20 day of.

Show is 21+ on March 7th at the Mercury Lounge.