Paul Byrom, often hailed as one of Ireland’s premier tenors will perform at the GOAL Annual Benefit Ball this October in New York City. Also taking on the role of host for the night Byrom will lead the celebration of GOAL’s lifesaving work in 15 countries around world.

I caught up with the Dublin tenor to discuss his work with GOAL and his thoughts on the upcoming performance for GOAL USA at the spectacular Gotham Hall. 

How/when did you become involved with GOAL USA?

When I was in school we did some fundraising for the charity and over the years I got to know John O'Shea and his family very well, so my affiliation became stronger.

Why did you decide to specifically work with GOAL USA and not other charities?

Well I do indeed work with other charities however I love that GOAL is a small charity who help so many throughout the world. A huge portion of each donation goes directly to those in need, so that in itself is a reason for me to jump at any request they make. 

What events have you been involved with so far?

Well as I mentioned above, whilst in school we made St. Patrick’s Day Badges and sold them for GOAL. Then a couple of years back, I had a concert for GOAL in my hometown of Dublin. However, last year was my biggest contribution as I ran the NYC marathon and raised nearly 4 thousand dollars for them. It was the toughest thing I've done and from here in I will be singing for them.

How did you get in the NYC marathon?

It was great. An amazing experience. Truly, the people of NYC show what a bunch they are during the marathon. Thousands come out in support and cheer you on. I finished in 4:30hrs so I was happy enough. To be honest, I was just happy to finish. 

Did you have any fundraising events before race day?

No, I was planning a wedding and a honeymoon. However, all donations came from friends and many fans of my music throughout the USA and Canada.

Do you plan to run the marathon for GOAL USA again next year?

They say its like child birth. Once its over you forget the pain and want to go again. I WILL NEVER RUN IT AGAIN! Or go through childbirth!!!!!

You are performing at the upcoming GOAL ball? Can you tell us a bit about the ball, what GOAL USA hopes to achieve from it and why you’ve decided to become involved in it this year?

Well, this is the third NYC ball I've been somewhat involved in. It’s always so much fun and something that should be a highlight in the NYC calendar. Aside from the open bar and great fun, there is music, raffles a DJ and even myself belting out a tune or two. However, the most important thing of the night is to raise funds for GOAL. Anyone living in NY has a lovely way of life and I think it is important to give back to those who are less fortunate. Every penny and dollar goes a long way. So I’m hoping we exceed the massive amount raised last year and have a lot of fun whilst achieving that.

To join in on the celebrations and purchase your tickets for GOAL’s Benefit Ball click here.