Dawn O’Porter had a novel way to mark her marriage to Irish actor Chris O’Dowd in 2012 and still keep her original identity intact – she added an O to her surname of Porter after they wed.

"I wasn't trying to be all feminist-y about it. I was just like, 'It's just my name,'" she told the Irish Independent last week.

"My sister and I are last in the line of Porters and I thought it would have been a really weird thing to do, to change my name. And I had a book coming out, so I literally had to make a decision."

O, what a good idea! O’Dowd, currently co-starring in Of Mice and Men on Broadway, has even been mistaken for an O’Porter too.

"It's funny, I keep getting electricity bills to our new house addressed to Chris O'Porter and it absolutely thrills me,” his wife said.