IN-NYC and BZH New York invite you to join them to celebrate this cultural festival, the Celtic New Year, with a lively evening of Celtic entertainment featuring exciting live music from numerous celtic nations. Many forms of Celtic music and dance, both traditional and modern will create a ceilidh, fest noz like atmosphere to properly ring in the Celtic New Year.

Celtic New Year traditionally celebrated by many celtic people, Samhain (Irish), Kala-Goañv (Breton), Calan Gaeaf (Welsh), Samhuinn (Scottish Gaelic), Sauin (Manx Gaelic), Calan Gwaf (Cornish) is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the 'darker half' of the year. It marks halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.

The Mickey Finns, named one of the BEST Celtic Rock bands in the world by PaddyRock Radio will take the party through the midnight hour and the crowds up on the dance floor.  Emerald Fire Dance, Bessie Award nominated Darrah Carr Dance, and students from the Niall O’Leary School of Irish dancing will take to the floor to introduce Irish step dance in all its varied and wonderful styles from the very traditional to the more contemporary take on what is a most captivating dance form. Everyone is then invited to come join them all on the floor for a round or two of Siege of Ennis and many more fun dances.

Sylvain Payot (Brittany), Terra Nosa (Galicia), flying in especially from Brittany, France the Thomas Moisson Trio will bring us to Brittany France from some lively Breton music and dance and yet another take on celtic culture. As the wee hours approach, traditional Irish music from Martin O'Connell, Marie-Louise Bowe, Eamon O'Leary and Steve Holloway, will keep the session going and bring it all together in a collaborative, energy-fuelled music and dance jam.

Where: Connolly's Times Square 3rd floor (121 W 45th street) from 7:00pm to 2am.
$10 members
$10 in-costume
$20 non-members

Halloween costumes are encouraged...there will be prizes for the best!!

Don't miss this unique cultural event... a great chance to check out so many interesting musical acts that are sure to keep the crowd clapping and the feet tapping!

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