Originally from Dublin, O’Regan is the founder of BalconyTV, a daily online viral music show that features bands, musicians and other variety acts on balconies around the world. He recently moved to New York.
Where are you from in Ireland?
“I was born in Sligo, but lived in Dublin most of my life. I studied film in New York about eight years ago at NYFA, where I made the award winning short film They're Made Out of Meat.”

What is BalconyTV?
“BalconyTV is little idea we had in our apartment in Dublin six years ago when we decided to start filming an Internet show from our balcony overlooking Dame Street. We began inviting local bands up to perform. The concept went viral, and today we produce BalconyTV in 40 cities around the world.  It's crazy!”

Why did you decide to bring BalconyTV to New York?
“Well, BalconyTV is now all around the world. We just secured some early stage U.S. investment, so we felt a part of organization needed to be here. New York is one of the world capitals of media and music. But I think everyone dreams of giving New York a shot when doing anything that has a grand ambition behind it.”

How do performers get involved?
“Bands can email our various cities or try their luck at We also have lots of Facebook pages you can network with us through.”

How is it being received so far here in NYC?
“Right now we are just meeting so many people we always wanted to meet. Hopefully we can make the contacts work for us, so we can push on with our crazy BalconyTV world. We like to consider ourselves as a bit of an MTV unplugged for the Internet generation, and I think artists, and music management is seeing the potential behind our idea.”

BalconyTV has produced over 7,500 videos in cities all around the world. Which one was most memorable?
“We've have many memorable shows. But our most watched show features the Script (see below). I personally filmed them on our Dublin apartment balcony with just a little camera and microphone. We think it was their first video/TV performance ever. It’s been watched 2.5 million times. Not bad!”

How would you compare living in Dublin to New York?

“New York is big. Dublin is small. Both have their charm. I miss the personality of Dublin, but I love the variety of New York. It's a tossup.”

Who is your favorite Irish artist?

“They get a lot of flak, but have always admired U2, both for their music and ambition.”

Stephen O’Regan, founder of BalconyTVHandout