A comedian and actor now based in New York City. He recently released his latest short film, Sour Milk.
Where are you from in Ireland and when/why did you move to the U.S.?
“I'm from Dublin, mighty mighty Dublin! I moved here more than 10 years ago to pursue my career in arts/entertainment.  When I arrived I messed around for a little doing this, that and less of the other. Then I started my own business, a Celtic gift shop at 34th Street.  Now I'm actively working towards my main goal in life, performing.”
How did you get involved in filmmaking and acting?
“I started doing standup comedy in New York and people suggested I should be an actor what with my cute looks and funny bone.  I've always had a passion for acting and a love of films from classics to modern, and I am constantly writing down ideas.  The time is here and I'm ready to take the acting bull by the horns.”
 Who are your influences?
“There are so many, but Richard Harris, John Hurt, Donald Pleasence, Paddy Considine are the boys, and directors Jim Sheridan, Neil Jordan, John Boorman, Scorsese, Spielberg, De Palma, Michael Mann, John Carpenter, Danny Boyle, Farrelly brothers, Ridley Scott, Kim Ki-duk, Pang brothers to name but a few.”
Tell us about Sour Milk.
“It's a small New York story revolving around this foreign student, Soohee, who lives on the fringe of society, a working class lonely outsider. While she struggles to make something out of her life, there comes a chance encounter with a pleasure seeking New York deejay whom she may have seen as a ticket to escape her not so promising life, or just simply as to die for tiptoeing on the verge of crime of passion.  It's for the viewers to decide.  Regardless of her intention, it leads to disastrous consequences.”
Tell us about making the film.
“It's a long road from Ireland to here for me and for the director, especially as she came from Korea.  We made the film with all of our heart with less than a shoestring budget to tell a story from our point of view as immigrants.  The film will be available through Amazon.com and a few online streaming sites early next year, but you can pre-order and be on our mailing list as well at www.melhamill.weebly.com or www.sourmilk-movie.com.”
How did you end up collaborating with a Korean director?
“We met in New York when I just came over and found out we share a passion, a similar taste in film and started writing together.  Julie studied graphic design and filmmaking here New York.  We’ve collaborated on five completed feature length scripts to date.”
How does the film scene in New York compare to Ireland?
“It's more competitive over here as many more hopefuls come over and try their luck.  But there's a lot more water in the acting well.”
Interview by Molly Muldoon

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