When did you move to New York?

“I moved here in May 2009. I went to college in Point Park University in Pittsburgh, I studied dance and English. It seemed like a bit of an adventure to go and study abroad but I got a scholarship for four years. I loved Pittsburgh.”

What has your journey so far been like?

“It has been interesting. The first while I was handing out flyers for a restaurant around Ground Zero, from six to 11 every morning. Then I got cast in 'Sleep No More' in Boston from October 2009 until February 2010. While I was performing a woman came up and saw the show there, who was working with a New York director, Martha Clarke. 

“When I came back down to New York I got a call from her asking if I wanted to audition for 'Angels Reapers.' Things kind of followed one after the other, luckily. My latest performance has been in the New York run of 'Sleep No More,' which opened in March 2010 and has been running since.”


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Tell us about the show.

“It’s a theatrical experience where you enter the McKittrick Hotel and create your own narrative journey. It’s a very specific piece of interactive theater that is based on Macbeth and has a strong film noir influence.

“Ultimately the audience are guests inside a world, which is the McKittrick Hotel. The building is so important as the space defines the show.

“Once the show kicks off the audience wanders around inside the hotel alongside the cast members. The amazing thing is the element of surprise -- no matter how much you were told, it’s not what you expected. The power of the show is being swept up with something and totally on reacting in what is in front of you.

“For people who know 'Macbeth' inside out, every detail of the play is in that building. If you have not seen 'Macbeth' you can still follow the show through the characters. Following your own choice is very important and wandering around on your own. It is really good to go with someone, so you have someone to talk about it with afterwards.

What kind of a response has the show got?

“It has been brilliant to be part of something that has generated such a buzz. The work is extraordinarily co-dependent. It is great to be part of something that has become so successful.

“I know we have a really high percentage of return people, that is why the show is still sold out. We were originally announced for a six-week run but we have run for over 300 shows completely sold out. It’s a show that is worth seeing. The nights that I go and watch the show I get an injection of magic!”

What is your next project?

“I actually am doing a short film with director Alan Brown. At some point in the future I'd love to work with Enda Walsh.”

Here's a tribute to the show that was posted online: