Steafan is an Irish musician currently touring in the U.S. He resides in Dublin but has lived in Finland and studied in Seattle while he was at university.

What is your Irish background?
“As did the well known Irish rock bands Ash and Relish, I grew up in the patron saint's burial ground, Downpatrick, in the good old Co. Down. I'm now based in Dublin but spend an increasing amount of time in and around the north eastern part of the U.S.”

What is your favorite thing about touring in the U.S.?
“There are so many places to play and people to play to. Once Americans like you they get behind you and support you. I enjoy that 'anything's possible' vibe.
“For example, recently I heard that Fuse On Demand are going to air my first music video clip 'Secrets and Lies,’ from my forthcoming album Nuclear Family in June. I'm delighted to have Liam Ó Maonlai and Relish feature on the album. It's a free video on demand service that is part of Fuse Music Network and Madison Square Garden Media and will reach an audience of up to six million people. The American dream man!”

Is there a difference between your American and Irish fans?
“The former have whiter teeth! It might be harder at times to endear yourself to certain folk at home, but once you do they are very loyal. I think everyone loves playing at home in Ireland.”

Who are your musical influences?
“My mother and father were both traditional musicians, so my love for music started with the tunes they played at home and with Tommy Sands and the Sands family up the Ryan Road in Down. I grew up singing Makem and Clancy songs and I still love them.
“I remember singing songs with Dominic Behan, brother of Brendan in our home in the early eighties. I also remember singing with Maggy Barry, the Queen of the Gypsies, whom my mother and father were friendly with. I'm also influenced by Paul Brady, Van the Man, Zeppelin, the Beatles, Wings, Joni Mitchell, Prince, Simon and Garfunkel and The Blue Nile.”

How does the music scene here compare to Ireland?
“There are many music scenes in the U.S., more people to play to, and places to play. I'm currently on tour in the U.S. I have Vermont, Boston and New York behind me.  For more on the dates, you can check my website at”

What is your ultimate goal as a musician?

“World domination of course! But I'll settle for reaching as wide an audience as possible. When I write a song I would like to think at least some of it will resonate with the listener. There's nothing like touching people with your music.”