Irish teenage actress, Saoirse Ronan says she will never move to Hollywood.

Saoirse, the best 15-year-old to come out of Ireland ever, told Contactmusic this week that she "would never want to move to Los Angeles."

Saoirse, who appears on the big screen this weekend in the film adaptation of Alice Sebold's novel "The Lovely Bones," said she has seen the negative effect living in the hills can have on young people.

"I've seen kids get messed up there. They just stop being genuine people," said Saoirse who shot to fame in her Oscar nominated role in "Atonement."

"I will always have a child in me. That is what Pete Jackson has got, what a lot of the directors I have worked with have.

"It is about knowing how to have fun - and that is something I always want to hold on to."

Saoirse plays the role of Susie Salmon in Peter Jackson's movie. Susie watches over her family after she is murdered.

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