Alyson Hannigan, who plays Lily on the hit show “How I Met Your Mother,” appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday and talked about her youngest daughter’s Irish name.

She told the talk show host that she spells her daughter’s name ‘Keeva’, which is not the traditional spelling. Hannigan said, “I can’t even spell the actual Gaelic version [Caoimhe]. But it looks like when you grab your scrabble tiles and you go, ‘Oh that’s not a word.’”

Hannigan’s confusion on the spelling is understandable. Irish is a difficult language and she said that having kids has made her forgetful. She said, “You get really dumb when you have kids because the pregnancy brain thing,” and she added, “And then you’re like,” I just haven’t slept in four years.”

Despite not being able to spell it in Gaelic, Hannigan likes the name. She told DeGeneres, “It means just lovely, wonderful, beautiful, it’s like eight words, but they’re all nice.”

Hannigan’s daughter Keeva is six months old and is the star’s second daughter. Hannigan’s first child is three year old Satyana. Hannigan has said she enjoys watching the bond between her two daughters. She told DeGeneres, “[Satyana] is fantastic she’s just a great big sister. And Keeva is just enchanted by her big sister.”

She talked about her oldest daughter and her fashion. Hannigan told DeGeneres, “She’s probably got about four tutus, four or five.” She added, “She lays out all her clothes on the floor. There’s a dress that goes over it, hats and mittens and tutus.”

Hannigan will be reunited with one of her Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-stars in an upcoming episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” Seth Green will play Lily’s “long-lost friend” in an episode that started shooting last week. Green previously played Hannigan’s boyfriend Oz on Buffy.