Viewers of the recently released ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ may have cocked their heads a tad when the harrowing scene of Martin Vanger (Stellan Skarsgard) trapping Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) in his murder den roll out. The musical interlude takes a step away from the expected and employs Enya’s soothing late-eighties hit, ‘Orinoco Flow.’

Entertainment Weekly reports that the suggestion was made by star of the film Daniel Craig, while filming. Director of the new film David Fincher said that during the shooting of the scene, Fincher suggested that there needs to be a “moment of levity”.
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“He should walk over and turn on music, because he doesn’t like to kill, he doesn’t like to hear the screams, without hearing his favorite music,” said Fincher of the murderous character.

It was then that Craig grabbed his iPod and said “Here it is!”

“We all almost pissed ourselves, we were laughing so hard,” said Fincher of Craig’s more than unexpected choice. “No, actually, it’s worse than that. He said, ‘Orinoco Flow!’ Everybody looked at each other, like, what is he talking about? And he said, ‘You know, ‘Sail away, sail away...’ And I thought, this guy is going to make Blomkvist as metro as we need.”

However, Fincher makes sure to clarify that it wasn’t the song itself that they were looking to highlight. “It’s just that [Vanger] likes soothing music as he does his deeds. It wasn’t a reflection on the track — it’s not like it’s part of the serial-killer play list on iTunes.”

Below, check out Enya’s tune. Not exactly murderous, right?