Tom Vaughan Lawlor's role as kingpin Nidge on gangland drama "Love/Hate" may have helped him break America, but now that he's there, he hasn't forgotten his roots.

The grass isn't always greener you know - even in the Hollywood Hills.

The 41-year-old actor recently landed the role of villain Ebony Maw in Marvel's upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War" blockbuster, which no doubt will be a career defining role.

The Dubliner told TV Now that he sometimes longs for the days spent on the Love/Hate set with fellow Irish thesps.   

“It was an amazing experience. I do miss it. It was exhausting," he told the publication.

“What I miss about it isn’t the reaction – although that was wonderful and gave us great pleasure to see how people enjoyed it – what I miss most is being on set with all of those people. It was such a laugh,” he added.

The dad-of-one said he still keeps in contact with many of the cast.

 “I still see a lot of them. We’re all in various parts of the world doing different things but we’re always in contact and meet up whenever we can. It was a very special time.”

Indeed, they certainly are in all parts of the world doing different things. Ruth Negga, who appeared as Rosie in earlier seasons, received an Oscar nomination last year for her turn in "Loving". Barry Keoghan, who infamously played the teenage assassin who killed the cat, has also been tipped for greatness after roles in "Dunkirk" and "Killing of a Sacred Deer".

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Meanwhile, show alums Killian Scott, Brian Gleeson, Aoibhinn McGinnity, Peter Coonan, Charlie Murphy, and Robert Sheehan are all busy working on respective big screen projects and tv miniseries.

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