Stardom could be beckoning for a west Kerry shepherd, after US-based film-makers arrived in Dingle to sign up a "charismatic sheep farmer" for a new project.

Scouts from San Francisco-based Emily Miller Productions have been scouring the Dingle peninsula since the weekend in the hunt for a colorful local farmer.

The successful candidate will be filmed constantly for a three-week period over the lambing season in March – including at work, home, Mass and relaxing over a few pints at the local – for a fly-on-the-wall documentary film.

Mike Sugrue, director of the $240,000 feature documentary, said he's already met a string of "great characters" who would fit the role.

He also said he plans to screen the finished project at film festivals across the world, as well securing deals with major European TV networks.

Sugrue, from Michigan but now living in San Francisco, said: "This film is intensely personal for me. My father's family is from nearby Waterville in Kerry. I want to tell this story to shine a light on a way of life, type of work ethic and attitude towards life that I'm extremely proud of.

"It'll be the story of how one rural sheep farmer perseveres financially and thrives socially, despite harsh conditions and isolation.

"We'll be looking to contrast the monotonous, quiet and back-breaking toil of sheep-farming with a vibrant social life. It's about telling the story of character and getting into his mind and demonstrating a depth of human spirit not often seen in an increasingly technology-driven and inward-looking world."

Sugrue, who still plans to meet other local sheep farmers, said his team now has a "particular character" in mind for the picture.

He also said the successful candidate would be compensated financially for his time.

He added: "It'll be an intrusive three-week period for the main character of the film, because the cameras will be on him all the time, even at church and the pub.

"But I'm confident it's going to work out well. We've already been in talks with TV stations here in Ireland, the UK and France."