Angelina Tracy, the girl that been linked sexually to "Two and a Half Men" star, Charlie Sheen, is denying all claims that the pair are intimate.

Angelina is also denying she is a paid escort. She said the media can be very "hurtful" and the rumors are simply "untrue."

Angelina, who supposedly charges thousands of dollars for an hour in her company, has spent time with the troubled television star but only "as a friend."

Last week Sheen was seen coming and going from the her Studio City apartment in LA.

Angelina said they met through rehab and are there to support each other.

What kind of support could this busty blondie bombshell really be to the recovering drug/sex addict but whatever!

So what I want to know is if it's all above board then why did Sheen feel it necessary to wear a stupid looking disguise to mask his identity last week while coming and going from her apartment and why oh why would he have been spotted kissing her on the lips if it was just a "supportive" visit!!

Tracy claimed: "He wore a ‘disguise’ as a tongue-in-cheek gesture because he knew he was being followed and he had nothing to hide. He was just having fun with the paparazzi."

Angelina said he was just helping her "though a difficult time in her life."