Irish American Golden Globe-nominated actress Jessica Chastain is set to make her Broadway debut in 'The Heiress,' playing Catherine Sloper the lead role actress Olivia de Havilland once made famous in the 1947 Oscar-winning film.

The Tony Award-winning play will make its way back to Broadway after 17 years and be directed by Tony and Emmy Award nominee Moisss Kaufman.

Chastain made her name as a screen actress in 2011, with starring roles in smash hits like The Help, and critical darlings like 'The Debt' and 'The Tree of Life.'

Last year, the up-and-coming actress, who's already being touted as this generation's Meryl Streep, earned best-actress honors from the National Board of Review, the New York Film Critics Circle, the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.



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"I was immediately struck by Jessica's talent and skill when I saw her onstage opposite Al Pacino in 'Salome,'" the show's producers said in a statement.

"She is an actress with that rare ability to transition effortlessly between the stage and screen. Moises Kaufman had the vision to see Jessica as the perfect actress to play one of the great psychologically complex female characters."

"Jessica Chastain is a great actress with chameleon-like prowess and enormous emotional intelligence; I think she's one of the best actresses of her generation. I'm thrilled to be working with her on 'The Heiress,'" Kaufman added in a statement.

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