Blond bombshell, Heidi Montag who shot to fame on the reality television screen on "The Hills", has tweeted about her desire to replace sexy Megan Fox as the female lead in "Transformers 3"

This week it was leaked that Fox will not reprise her role as Shia LaBeof’s love interest in "Transformers 3" so Montag is getting in their quick.

Montag who is married to that prat, Spencer Pratt, tweeted to "Transformer director Michael Bay to chose her to replace Fox.

Nice way to send in your job application Montag. We're sure you'll get the role now!!

While you're at it you may as well get rid of your publicist. You seem to be doing all the work yourself!

Montag tweeted -“Michael Bay I love your work! I know what a artistic brilliant genius you are! Cast me in the next Transformers.”

I'm sure Bay is already on the phone to her - to tell her to stop stalking him!

Seriously you can't even act Montag.

Fox said it was her decision to leave the franchise but a source with inside knowledge said that it was director Michael Bay that chose not to use Fox for his thrid installment of the "Transformers" franchise.