‘Game of Thrones,’ HBO’s new epic fantasy series premiering Sunday night, promises a stellar cast and stunning scenery, much of which was filmed in Northern Ireland.

The pilot alone cost an estimated $15 million to film, making it one of the most expensive HBO series ever.

Shots of the fantasy kingdom’s frozen north were filmed there, and a former shipyard in Belfast – where the Titanic was painted – was transformed into a giant film set. Castle Black, home to the Night’s Watch brotherhood, was built in a disused quarry in County Antrim. Shots of the affluent south kingdom were filmed in Malta.

The ten-episode series follows the fortunes of four warring families as they battle for control of the land of Westeros. The cast had to wear armour for hours and perform carefully choreographed, intensive fight scenes during the six months of filming.

Based on the cult novels by George R.R. Martin and starring Sean Bean and Mark Addy, the series is sure to be a blockbuster.


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