The plot-line of lead character Nucky Thompson’s (played by Steve Buscemi)  involvement with the IRA in Ireland during the 1920s moved a step forward in last night’s ‘The Battle of the Century’ episode. Nucky set sail for Belfast for a business deal, accomapnied by Owen Sleater (London born Charlie Cox), his bodyguard who hails from Derry and has a previous involvement with Sinn Fein.

Upon being checked and cleared at customs, the officer there wishes Nucky and Owen a “welcome” to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to which nationalist Owen replies sarcastically under his breath “God save His Majesty George V.”

Nucky’s father who had died during the previous week’s episode was used as a decoy to complete a trade-off with the IRA in Belfast. Using a coffin,  which Nucky claimed was his late father Nucky, illegally of course, snuck new arms to donate to the cause in exchange for a supply of Irish whiskey for his bootlegging back in Atlantic City.
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However, IRA representative John McGarrigle, isn’t as enthusiastic about Nucky’s trade-off plan upon arrival. McGarrigle doesn’t want to prolong the violence in Northern Ireland, especially after his nephew was recently killed. He feels optimistic that then president de Valera heads to London for supposed peace talks.

The plan however works for Nucky, though not without some bloodshed, and Nucky gained his prized 10,000 crates of Irish-made whiskey, a game-changer for the bootlegging industry at the time.

The business transaction Nucky had in Belfast will likely further complicate his relationship with the IRA. Where do you think the plot will go from here? Is it a bad idea for Nucky to get involved with the cause?