Irish starlet Evanna Lynch recently skipped the pond to head to Los Angeles in hopes of expanding her film career. The Louth native is shacking up with cast members from the hit series ‘Glee’ while she’s in the States for about a month.

“Los Angeles is not a kind place to everyone but she's been very sensible and she's sharing with a few people from Glee who she gets on with very well," an insider recently told the Herald.

"They understand one another because they've all had to deal with a lot of exposure so they're all very friendly. She's given herself a year or so to see how she gets on with her acting career and the fact that she was cast in Sinbad is already a good sign.”
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Indeed, the 20 year old actress was asked to make an appearance on the much anticipated Sky TV mini-series ‘Sinbad,’ which chronicles the Persian sailor’s adventures. Lynch is filming for the new show in Malta.

Lynch has made a smart move by heading for Los Angeles in the wake of the popularity of the Harry Potter films. "The whole Harry Potter cast have been doing a lot of promotion for their last film together ahead of the awards season so it's also a good idea for her to be in LA when the blockbuster franchise is still fresh in people's minds," says one insider.

With her role on ‘Sinbad’ already confirmed and filming, it looks like this Louth native has a bright future ahead!

Evanna Lynch at the "Harry Potter: the Deathly Hallows Part 2" premiereIrish Independent