"Harry Potter" star Evanna Lynch is not a fan of "Twilight" the vampire series and teen sensation.

And, in comments that are bound to stun fans of Richard Pattinson, Lynch says she doesn't get the big fuss about his Edward Cullen role.

"Get over it," she advises Kristen Stewart who plays Bella in the “Twilight” films. "She's always talking about how beautiful Edward is. Get over it."

Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in "Harry Potter," says she just doesn't get the appeal of the Stephenie Meyer’s epic vampire series.

Speaking to a Danish Web site kino.dk Lynch said “Twilight” doesn’t match up to “Harry Potter.”

“They are good books but I don’t think they are as fantastic as ‘Harry Potter,’” she said. “I don’t think they are that good, and for a time I was a bit, like, anti-‘Twilight.’ Everyone said it was the new ‘Harry Potter’ and I don’t agree.”