Irish actress Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in the popular Harry Potter films, has won a prize for her artistic skills at her local high school.

The busy star, who is about to take her Leaving Cert exams, has been splitting her time between studying and filming.

"She was filming up until last week which makes it very difficult when she's facing a couple of Leaving Cert papers. She hasn't had the time to put in the work that she'd like to,“ Donal Lynch, deputy principal of Our Lady’s College in Drogheda, told Dublin's Evening Herald newspaper.

The Mary Barrett Portfolio Award prize is given each year to the sixth year student who performs best in art.

Lynch has a penchant for jewelry design. The multi-talented 18-year-old designed the radish-shaped earrings that she wore to her Harry Potter audition; the director liked them so much, he had her character wear them in the film.


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