England’s captain and talisman Harry Kane could easily have played for Ireland. We look through Kane's Irish roots:  

Harry Kane, the pride of England in last summer's World Cup campaign, could just as easily be playing in an Irish jersey.

Harry Kane's Irish roots are extremely strong. His grandfather is from as Galway and Harry and his brother grew up in a completely Irish environment in London according to the Irish newspapers. Last year during the World Cup, the Connacht Tribune newspaper had a banner headline “He’s One of Our Own” with a picture of Kane.

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His Irish family is actually Gaelic speakers from the Connemara Gaeltacht and it doesn't get more Irish than that.

He had a struggling start to his career at Tottenham Hotspur and the Irish soccer officials who monitor English and Scottish players missed him completely.

They only became aware of him when his agent called and told them his client might like to play for Ireland.

The Irish finally took a look but by then it was too late. The English Football Association snapped him up and he has become a world-class striker, something the Irish team sadly lacks.

The great Irish teams of the Jack Charlton era featured many foreign-born Irish, most notably Ray Houghton who scored that goal against Italy in 1992 that ensured his immortality.

But there are many others, Mick McCarthy who went on to manage, Phil Babb an upstanding defender and Jason McAteer.

Alas, Harry Kane will never be among the honor roll for Ireland but we're sure many will get behind him as an English Irishman if he leads Tottenham Hotspurs to Champions League success.

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