Shannon Bradley rightly basked in the limelight of victory in the 11-12 year old section of the World Championships in Philadelphia Monday evening.

And standing proudly at stage side were her trainers Gavin Doherty and Seaneen Doherty-O’Neill from the Doherty School of Dance in Belfast.

“Well, it was stress from start to finish, she won the all Ireland which put that extra bit of pressure on but we are absolutely delighted,” said Gavin

But getting to the top of the podium does not come without some sweat and toil. “She’s been training for three or four hours every single day for the past three or four months.”

However, all the effort paid off on Monday and now Shannon is at the top of the World.   “We were hoping that she would win after winning the All-Ireland," said Seaneen.

"We knew she would be in the running so it was all about keeping her calm on the day and she delivered," said Seaneen. “It’s absolutely fabulous, especially for Shannon, who worked really, really hard.”

For Gavin, who is also a dressmaker and runs Eire Designs, it’s a fantastic beginning to a hectic week.

“It’s a great start to the week, we have about 20 kids to come, so more of the same!  I don’t know about more championships but definitely more stress every day.”