Like any 17 year old coming of age Saoirse Ronan has admitted she gets homesick. But unlike most other kids her age she gets homesick on film sets, when she's filming on location.

It's her dog she misses most. The 17-year-old Irish actress finds she's often abroad filimg.

Ronan told the Belfast Telegraph: "Sometimes it is tough. I've got my dog here and I miss my dog when I'm away, because she's older now."

Ronan will next star in The Host, an adaptation of a sci-fi novel by famed Twilight writer Stephanie Meyer about Melanie and Wanderer, an extraterrestrial "soul" who takes over her mind.

Ronan said: "There are a lot of projects now that aren't just kind of 'teeny bop' films, they're quality films and they're centered around young people. And you still got the other types as well, which is fine, but I am seeing more quality projects now which is good."

But the BAFTA and Oscar-nominated actress revealed she would very strongly consider a starring role in a romantic comedy, if she was offered a suitable role, that is.

Ronan said: "I actually don't have a problem doing comedy or a rom com, I'd love to do that kind of stuff. It's just been the way it's worked out so far. If a romantic comedy of something like that came along tomorrow and it was a good script and had good characters I'd definitely do it."