Film production company Hammer is looking to create a revival of the popular ‘Dracula’ films for the upcoming anniversary of Irish born author’s Bram Stoker’s death. Between 1958 and 1977, Hammer had produced nine ‘Dracula’ feature films.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Hammer CEO Simon Oakes says the production company is looking to create a ‘Dracula’ revival in modern-day London, as well as a possible ‘Frankenstein’ remake.

"We can't really tell you much about it but we really are looking at it," said Oakes. "I've been saying that we'd never remake the films per se, but we would do our own versions of it.”
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Oakes added that "There's a number of Draculas going on at the moment - there's a Vlad the Impaler film, a few other ones around, but we have a sense of what we'd like to do. It will be a London-based ‘Dracula.’"

As for a director for the blossoming project, Oakes said he has an idea of who he’d like to direct the revival, but is staying mum about it for now.

Author of ‘Dracula,’ Bram Stoker was born in Ireland in 1847, and died in 1912. It was in 1897 that he wrote the now famous Gothic novel.

Most recently, Hammer produced the Daniel Radcliffe thriller pic ‘The Woman in Black.’

Here, watch Christopher Lee as Dracula: