John Travolta has revealed he wants to make a movie in Ireland.

The "From Paris With Love," star says all he needs is the right script.

Although Travolta has played an Italian American in his most iconic roles to date as Danny Zuko in Grease and Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever, his mother was in fact Irish American and his house, he says, had a distinctly Irish vibe.

“I’m half Irish. My mother’s people came from Kenmare in Co. Kerry and I’ve been down there to research where they lived. We’re related to Burkes and Murphys on her side, and I researched all the connections that there were,” Travolta revealed.

“It’s a beautiful country, just gorgeous and I’ve said many times I would love to make a movie there. You know, all it would take is the right script. I would love it. It would be great.”

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