Recently, I polled some fabulous moms of Irish dancing boys from around the world about their sons' hair styles and anything different that they might do to get ready for a feis or major competion or show as far as hair care.

Sooooo....... your son is getting ready for a feis..........
What does he do to his hair? Any products he especially loves? Gravity-defying, gelled styles?? Do you do it or does he do it?

There were answers from moms saying that their sons could care less about their hair and that just making sure it was clean was enough, but for the majority, their sons did something. Something being at the minimum a little hairspray to the maximum being a whole routine of several products that would create a gravity-defying style that would be a needle-sharp danger to any small bird who might accidently alight on their son's head.

Some of the younger guys are still letting mom do their hair, but about the time they hit 12 or 13yrs of age, they take it upon themselves. These masters-of-rhythm with their feet seem to have artistic talent elsewhere as well. They LOVE to use this artistic talent with their hair. It becomes its own medium for them to express their personality. Based on some of the styles I've seen, we have some truly rebellious characters and independent-thinkers.

Everything, from faux-hawks to full on spikes, goes. One of the most popular looks is the short all over and then a spikey area going straight up at the front. Also, popular is the tousled spikey look.

The favorite products of the boys are the Got2BGlued line of gels and sprays and Aussie Instant Freeze spray.

The one thing that was the same across the board was getting any haircuts needed done about 2 weeks out from competitions. This way there's time to get that crowning expression of who they are, whether they are a rebel or a classy guy, to look just right.

***The fabulously handsome boys above, sporting some of the most current and popular styles, are (from top to bottom):
Tristan N, Sean S, Lucas M, Ciaran T, Caleb H, and Breandan O
Thanks to the boys and their moms for the fabulous photos!