We're only days away from this seasons "Grey's Anatomy" finale (due to air on Thursday, May 20 on ABC).

Although producers are trying to keep the plot as hush hush as possible rumours are leaking that the Dr. Owen - Cristina/Teddy love triangle will finally come to a head.

Of course our own Irish boy, Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen is in the thick of it.

Cristina's bestie Dr. Meredith Grey has been trying to tell her friend that she thinks there is something between Dr. Teddy and Dr. Owen but Cristina is having none of it.

Tough as nails that girl.

However, it's believed that the two-hour finale this coming week, will finally reveal who Owen really loves.

Will Cristina confront her beau (whom she has random acts of passion with in the changing rooms of the hospital every now and then) or will she just continue to turn a blind eye to it.

If you have been following the last few episodes you'll see that it's coming to a head.

Producers are setting up the scene for what could potentially be an explosive ending to this season.

All season the show has eluded to Teddy and Owen's baggage.

Plans for Cristina and Teddy to move in together had been put on hold - his doing!

Cristina is definitely getting suspicious.

Tune in next Thursday to see how it pans out.