'The 'Promised Land' actor will play himself on the Showtime TV comedy, where he will reunite with his 'Ocean's Eleven' co-star  Don Cheadle, as he hires a management firm to help his start a charity so he can compete with George Clooney, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Other stars set to make an appearance on the second season of 'House of Lies' include Lisa Edelstein and Adam Brody.

Meanwhile, Matt recently revealed he was due to make his directorial debut in 'Promised Land' - which he stars in alongside his co-writer and co-producer John Krasinski - but he pulled out of the role two weeks before the film was due to go into pre-production because he "couldn't leave" his children again.

He said: "I decided that I wasn't going to direct it on December 15th [2011]. That was my last day of work. The Neill Blomkamp movie ['Elysium'] that I was on went over.  I had been away from my kids, and then I got back and had to do a really intense week or two of press for 'We Bought A Zoo'.

"On December 15th, my last thing was 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart, and I finished it and got home and my year was over. I looked at the calendar and saw that, to get the movie out, I had to go into pre-production on January 2nd [2012].  I just couldn't leave the kids again.  So, I had to call John, which was horrible."

Matt DamonPhotograph: Matt Carr/Getty Imag