Derry native and ‘The Glee Project’ co-champion, Damian McGinty, will be having his contract extended for his role as Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan on ‘Glee’. As winner of the ‘The Glee Project,’ McGinty was guaranteed a seven show stint on the FOX hit, but with a growing fan base, his time on the show has been extended.

McGinty broke the news to E! Online, saying that "I found out that I am doing more than seven [episodes]. I don't know for how long. I've learned not to expect anything and just go along with it and work hard and appreciate everything." McGinty has said in previous statements that he’s been working hard and remaining optimistic about the possibility of his time being extended.
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E! Online further reports some spoilers about McGinty’s new plot lines. After growing a wee bit homesick for dear old Ireland in the upcoming Christmas episode, Rory Flanagan turns to Sam (Chord Overstreet, who finally reappeared in last night’s episode) for comfort. The two develop a bit of a bromance - “It’s actually a cute little storyline for that,” says McGinty, “and he sings!”

While we don’t know the length of McGinty’s extended stay, nor if he’ll be given a more in-depth plot line, reminds us that Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, started out as a behind-the-scenes dance choreographer at ‘Glee.’ That said, the possibilities are evidently endless for McGinty on ‘Glee.’

Below, catch the preview for next week’s ‘Glee’ Christmas episode!