Conservative TV personality Glenn Beck hosted a show that was promoted as a way to “help people see America’s history from a completely different point of view,” the Daily Mail reports.
He accomplished this by enlisting dancers, actors dressed as soldiers, and a 35-foot-diameter model of the Moon to share his personal version of history. The converted Mormon has done a number of sell-out shows in Utah in front of large crowds.
Beck’s presentation was very heavy-handed on the religious overtones as he superimposed his face onto the huge model of the moon, acting in the role of a watchful guardian of Earth. He provided his opinions on how the “beasts” of mankind became too greedy, which beckoned the biblical flood from the Noah’s Ark story.
From the biblical references, Beck moved on to speak about specific American history, praising Abraham Lincoln for freeing the slaves and using a group of dancers to symbolize the creation of electricity. From there he progressed to WWII and the atom bomb that ended the conflict.
A fireworks display ended the performance.

Beck’s website touts the show as “an immersive storytelling experience unlike anything that had ever been seen before at this scale,” and that, “the show was designed to tell the story of America, freedom, and man’s struggle between light and dark from the beginning of time until today.”
Beck ended the show with the atomic bomb, though not before saying that the remaining ‘chapters’ in Earth’s history are still to be written, and that Beck (as the moon) “is not the author,” we, the people of Earth, are.

Glenn Beck’s show preaching his version of the history of the world sells outFox