Glenn Beck has a new network. Yes, not just a new show but a new network. And to his critics - who see him as someone half way between a carnival barker and a far right fanatic - this is not good news.

Even eerier, he has left behind the dwindling audiences of adults who finally got wise to his paranoiac five alarm freak outs on Fox News and now he's after a new and untested audience: your kids.

You read that right.

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Beck has started Glenn Beck TV, which will be sold directly to consumers and streamed over the Internet to their laptops, tablets, and TV's. And the current buzz concerns Beck's plans for a new children's show. Sources say it will focus on history and the day's news, with - we anticipate - a distinctly conservative slant.

But since it's subscriber based, critics are hoping that it's a network and a show that won't catch on.

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