Multimillionaires are still the go-to political pundits for the rest of us if Glenn Beck's career is anything to go by.

The twice married multimillionaire Mormon father of four has just signed a five year extension with Clear Channel's Premiere Networks.

According to Beck, a recovering alcoholic and the insider who speaks for those who feel left out, will reportedly earn $100 million in a deal that will see him remain on air through to 2017, a figure said to be twice the size of his previous five-year deal.

The syndicated Glenn Beck Program is reportedly listened to by 10 million people, which makes it third in terms of audience size (behind fellow conservatives Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, both of whom also recently renewed multimillion dollar contracts).

It's almost a year since Beck's controversial Fox News show was mothballed, after which he launched his own subscription-based Internet-only TV network, GBTV.

Beck's paranoiac style, which stitches together apparently unrelated news stories into vast conspiracies, has been a hit with his conservative audience since he came to prominence. 'I'm afraid,' he tells them on his syndicated show. 'You should be afraid too.'

At the time of the GBTV network's launch last September, the Wall Street Journal reported that Beck attracted roughly 230,000 subscribers, who each payed a $10 or $5 subscription.

According to Beck will remain on the radio for five more years.

In May 2012, Beck made the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list ranking 23 with a reported $80 million in earnings.


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