Controversial pundit Glenn Beck has announced that he is merging his web-television network’s “GBTV” with his website to create TheBlaze TV and start a revolution.

In a lengthy interview with CNN on the change, he says the original name never sat well with him and was a little “egocentric”.

Beck believes that there’s a media revolution coming and he would well be correct. Just two years ago he was a fixed anchor in Fox and now he’s heading up a multi-media news business.

He told CNN “Change is not bad…We are on the threshold of something I think is as powerful as the Industrial Revolution was, except this one will happen in a very short period of time…Whether we’re the ones to [revolutionize media] or we’re just the ones who happen to be the first on the scene, I don’t know. But we’re moving forward because the media revolution has begun.”

This revolution seems to be suiting Beck and his fans. Earlier this year he signed up with a five year $100 million contract with his “Glenn Beck Program”, listened to by 10 million people. He’s also been named as number 23 on Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities with a reported $80 million in earnings.
Here’s Beck’s merger announcement on TheBlaze website:

Glenn Beck made himself an Oval Office!Google Images