On his way out at Fox News - and tanking in the ratings - Glenn Beck is still making a stab for relevance.

This week the prince of paranoia tackled the pinnace of England's wife. On his scheduled weekly Friday appearance on the Bill O'Reilly show Beck attempted to speak in an English accent to mock Kate Middleton.

Beck told O'Reillyhe had skipped watching the royal wedding. Then he scoffed that he had seen someone calling Middleton "the most perfect princess ever."

For Beck, such statements were completely nauseating. "I'm like, 'what are you talking about?" he said.

O'Reilly suggested that the British people were after a bit of escapsim, and Middleton supplied that by being a "commoner" who marries into the British aristocracy, Beck was apalled.

"She's a commoner?" he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Was she in like a sooty dress before?"

Then in an Eliza Doolitle voice, beck imitated Kate Middleton in a  fake Cockney accent: "I've got some ashes on some soot on my face right now, I does. I'm going to learn to talk like a lady."

"What I'm getting out of this is that you don't have a lot of respect for British society," O'Reilly responded.

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