“Glee’s” writer and creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that next season the show will feature Susan Boyle as a guest star, Paul McCartney as musical collaborators and a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” tribute episode.

Already confirmed for the upcoming series is a Britney Spears episode. This follows past successfully themed episodes such as Madonna and U2 episodes.

Over the Christmas holiday the show will welcome Susan Boyle to the cast. This will be Boyle’s acting debut. Boyle is set to launch an album at Christmas and she will sing a song from the new album on the show.

Sir Paul McCartney has apparently said in the past that he is a fan of the show. Apparently he sent 2 CD’s to Ryan Murphy. The CD’s contain some of his own original music and he suggested that Ryan Murphy use it in the show. It seems the plan is that he will collaborate with the show but it doesn’t seem likely he’ll do a full episode.

Sometime around Halloween “Glee” will get their kitsch on a roll out a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” tribute. The episode will of course include “The Time Warp”.