"Glee's" star Jane Lynch who has been promoting going green over the last couple of months is starring in a hilarious skit on "Funny or Die". Lynch carpools with co-star Matthew Morrison, who sings along to every song on the radio including the traffic news. Of course Morrison is about to begin his first solo tour.

Jane Lynch, aka sharp lipped Sue Sylvester, lets loose as he sings along to George Michael's "Faith", Will Smith's "Wild Wild West" and The Cranberries "Zombie". Lynch give number hilarious explanations for why she keeps changing the challenge like "I'm color blind" when she turns off Eiffel 65's "Blue".

Finally Lynch blows up saying "Why do you have to sing everything like you just swallowed a pair of jazz hands?! You are a grown man in a 2003 cherry red Beetle singing Disney ballads!"

Classic Sue Sylvester and in my opinion very true.