Chris Colfer had Conan O’Brien and his audience laughing this past Tuesday night with his appearance on TBS’s “Conan.” The ‘Glee’ star spoke of his role as Kurt Hummel as well as having taken his grandmother as his date to the Emmys.

“I’m kind of screwed,” said Colfer in reference to his often dramatic plot lines in ‘Glee.’ He was conflicted about what to submit for the best comedy nomination for the Emmys.

Speaking about the Emmy’s, Colfer told how his grandmother and Betty White first met, and their typically grandmother like behavior.  “As soon as Betty White sat down, she [Colfer’s grandmother] leaned over and said, ‘Hi Betty, I’m Christopher’s grandmother,’ And Betty just, you know, made a grandmother noise.” Which Colfer, of course, followed up with an impression of, sending the audience into giggles.
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Conan chatted with Colfer about his new found fame. “There’s nothing more terrifying than a teenage girl,” says Colfer about his often fanatical fan base. “I don’t know why they cry, that’s something they should probably discuss with someone, but it’s flattering I guess.”

‘Glee’ returns from hiatus to FOX next Tuesday, with the arrival of ‘The Glee Project’ co-champion and Derry native Damian McGinty. Tune in to catch both McGinty and the always charming Chris Colfer!

Below, watch Chris Colfer’s interview with Conan on TBS: