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The “Glee” star, who is most well known for her role as Coach Sue Sylvester on the Fox musical comedy, has rejected claims that it is difficult to find work in Hollywood if you are gay.

“Look, I've never – as far as I know, it's been behind my back if it has – I've never been turned down for a role because I'm gay,” she told gay entertainment website “I don't find Hollywood, in my own experience, to be homophobic.”

The star, who married her girlfriend last year , added that gay people don’t play straight roles too often as audiences would find it difficult to believe.

“I think because since most of the world is straight … we want the audience to project their hopes and dreams for love and romance onto those actors. And if it's not in some way possible, maybe never probably, in their mind that it could never happen, then they're [studios] not going to do it. You know, most people are straight, and I think that's probably why.”

“I do think the straight folks will continue to play the straight roles,” she added.

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